Meet Papa Plush

Meet Papa!
I wanted to just put a face behind Papa Plush. This venture started with me about 5 years back, when my wife Mahima and I started little kiosk at the fashion show outlet mall called Cuddles and Wrap.

Our whole family dove deep into making this little venture work for us. My family in Chicago helped everyday with logistics. My family in Karachi my bro helped bring this idea to life with his amazing towels and pillows to the public. We also had added a plush Teddy bear to complete it all.

Since then I always enjoyed seeing the happiness in people’s faces when they picked up there Teddy, towel, or Pillow.

5 years later now living in California I wanted to bring back that same magic to as many people as possible. We added Papa’s Candy collection as well for all of you. Making people smile and bringing happiness is what it’s all about.

I hope you enjoy Papa Plush as much as my family and I do bringing you a smile with each plush toy.